Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Google Docs Setup (2 things to do)

If you have not done this already, create a Word document on whatever computer you usually use to do your schoolwork (home computer, laptop, school computer lab).

On the document, please write "This is a word document that I uploaded to Google Docs." 

You don't need to write anything else on the document.

Save the document as "'your name' word document".

Then log in to your Google account and go to Google Docs.

Upload the document that you saved on your computer.

Share it with this email -
(I made a mistake and I thought that my two accounts would go to the same google docs but they don't so please type in this new email address :-)


Then, check your google docs and see if you received a document titled "Materials List for Physical Geography".

If you don't see it in your Google Docs, then please view the document  by clicking HERE.

Let me know if you did not receive the document in your Google Docs.

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