Thursday, May 5, 2011

World Water Issues Presentation

VERY brief overview of world water issues.

You will present a powerpoint presentation explaining your selected world water issue.
You will also submit handwritten notes and answers to research questions.

Presentation due date: May 16

You will be graded on the following criteria:

  • CONTENT - 
    • How informative is your presentation? 
    • How well do you explain the issue so that your classmates can understand the issue?
    • How well can student answer questions about the issue?
    • Is your presentation visually appealing and does it help increase understanding of the issue?
    • Are all images, maps, and information properly credited with sources?
(Notes will be submitted and graded on the level and extent of research done on the issue.)

The final exam will contain questions drawn from each student's presentation.

How much water does it take to make your food?